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  • The burning of fossil fuels in the power generation and transport industries delivers an emissions profile that is widely recognised to be a major contributor towards rising levels of environmental pollution.

  • The wider use of renewables to offset this challenge is therefore of growing importance ........ especially in Africa. Biomass feedstock can be sourced in both rural and urban areas - using organic material presently going to waste or landfill sites - while marginal land can be used to cultivate dedicated energy crops and provide sustainable employment critical to the upliftment of local economies.

  • The South African government implicitly recognises the urgency of the situation in a draft document they have tabled......... outlining a Low Emission Development Strategy 2050. More recently, the IEA has released a roadmap charting a course for Global Energy to reach Net Zero by 2050.

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  • As a matter of urgency we are obliged to move towards a more energy-sustainable regime and limit our reliance on fossil fuel as the sole supplier of energy to regional grids.

  • The promotion of renewable energy and wider encouragement of Independent Power Providers (IPP's) pursuing energy efficiency in more holistic and inclusive ways will ensure the slide towards environmental degradation is halted.

  • Providing cleaner energy as an infrastructural imperative will also contribute directly towards improving health benefits among both our rural and rapidly growing urban communities............. by offering a resource-efficient alternative to the use of wood and coal for primary heating and cooking domestic purposes.

  • The South African government has issued a document outlining a National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to raise the profile of this phenomenon and promote a wider discussion.

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  • We are a water scarce region. With growing populations and rising standards of living.

  • Southern Africa is destined to make greater and greater demands on a diminishing resource. Generating electricity without placing added pressure on this resource will be of significant importance.

  • For this reason we are also closely associated with the introduction of leading ADsorption chiller technology to the local market - targeting applications across markets in general industry, energy and the HVAC related sector of the built environment.

  • As a water demand management tool, the simplicity of ADsorption chilling has no equal - offering modular, scalable and cost-effective cooling energy solutions to any client with a steam/hot water supplied application - and thereby reducing water-use figures substantially.

  • Life beyond fossil fuel ........................ why green power is an opportunity Africa can't miss

    The power grid across sub-saharan Africa is under severe pressure with outages and load shedding commonplace. National growth prospects are being negatively affected in many economies by these energy constraints and the socio-economic deprivation they bring about. An environmentally compliant solution that will alleviate this pressure point, while beneficiating local biomass and mineral resources ......... and uplifting local communities with sustainable jobs, is the only way forward.

    Operating as an IPP in the renewable energy space BossEnergy has a full range of EPC skills - along with the drive and commitment to achieve this goal..............using our local - internationally acclaimed - version of the classic Imbert Downdraft Gasifier to deliver technology-appropriate solutions............tailored to meet the specific socio-economic, environmental and climate-related imperatives of our region.

    Biomass supplied Power Generation

    Distributed Generation

    Gasification-based Embedded Generation has the following advantages

    It increases energy efficiency by optimising resources

    It contributes to ensuring security of supply

    It is a vehicle for promoting private sector participation in power generation

    It reduces the environmental impact of energy production


    The benefits of using Gasification Technology are significant


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