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PowerBOSS: Low voltage, High efficiency and Zero emissions

BossDesktop Range: Compact, Creative, and Clean

Dimensions mm: 175 * 70 * 75

Requires a 12 to 36 volt DC input

Battery pack via mains or renewables

Built to Intel PC spec, rated at 450W

Efficiency over 90%, low heat buildup

Fanless build, quieter operating cycle

Modular design, re-configuration simple

PowerBOSS configured for the 
		     RoadBoss PowerBOSS in retro-fit 

PowerBOSS: Low voltage, high efficiency, zero emissions

Adaptable: Able to meet the power demands of a wide range of
diverse IT and non IT equipment.
Portable: Able to deploy in both formal and informal environments.
Greenable: Able to make a valid and sustained contribution
towards lowering carbon emissions as well as a clear saving in
energy costs.

Dimensions mm: 250 * 190 * 95

Single site use, or stack for workstations

Modular layout design, easy configuration

Low noise with a small office footprint

Battery pack for mains independence

Power via mains or any renewable source

Cut the carbon footprint of your installation

3BossStack Workstation next 
                     to conventional Tower PC Home Convergence Platform

BossDesktop: Compact, creative, and clean

Compact: The Boss range is standardised around the extensive
Mini-ITX range of energy efficient motherboards.
Creative: The modular design makes it a simple procedure to
configure the PC to meet any application need.
Clean: Fitted with a PowerBOSS as standard means carbon emissions
can be reduced to zero.

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